Bank account opening


Prepare your coming move to New-Caledonia !

You are from abroad and wish to settle in New Caledonia? Prepare your arrival easily:

Follow the five easy steps to open your checking account online.

  • Scan or photocopy all the documentary evidence* requested
    (* only an available passport will be accepted as identity evidence)
  • If you have subscribed for a credit card: join this document filled, dated and signed
  • Scan all the documents and email it at  :
  • Post it at:
    7 Rue Eugène  Porcheron
    98899 NOUMEA CEDEX

Once your checking account opened, we will post to your current address :

  • Your bank details
  • Your logins and passwords:
    • Audiposte (mobile banking service)
    • (online account management)
  • Your Credit Card Personal Identification Number

If you subscribed for a credit card: please transfer the amount of money corresponding to your card type (See  "How to fill your application form?" tab).

When in New Caledonia :

  • Dial 1000 (free call) to make an appointment with your financial adviser.
  • Make sure to bring your ID and proof of address in New Caledonia for the appointment in order to confirm your application and so that we will send you your credit card without delay.

How to fill your application form ?

Personal details

  • Fill in the following details:
    • Your estimated arrival date in New Caledonia
    • Your civil status
  • Tick your marital status
  • Fill in your current address, phone number and e-mail
  • Fill in your occupation (see the chart on page 2 of the application form):
    • Fill in your occupation (see the chart on page 2 of the application form)
    • Estimate your monthly salary (Currency converter on

If you apply for a VISA Credit Card

  • Tick the card type you apply for
  • Fill in and date this document

When you received your bank details, depending on the card you chose, transfer money on your account according to this chart:


Visa Premier

Visa Classique

Visa Electron
Initial deposit 400 000 XPF
(3 360 €)
150 000 XPF
(1 260 €)
30 000 XPF
(250 €)

Account management services

  • Tick your statement of account frequency
  • If you subscribe for online account management ( fill in your e-mail address

At last, to end your application you have to

  • initial each pages,
  • date and sign page 2.

Here are some tips to help you during your stay in New Caledonia.

Paying with cash

New Caledonia uses the French pacific franc XPF with a fixed exchange rate with Euro. 100 XPF = 0,838 Euro or 1 Euro ≈ 119,332 XPF approx. Because only a few stores do as an exception accept payments in Euros, it is strongly advised to withdraw French Pacific Francs in cash.

You can simply withdraw French Pacific Francs at the OPT ATM machines or exchange your foreign currencies at the OPT agency located at the Tontouta airport, upon your arrival in New Caledonia.

Paying using cheques

If you do have a cheque book in Euros from EU or in another currency, you will not be able to use it in New Caledonia. To live in New Caledonia, we do strongly advise you to open a local OPT bank account, to make an initial deposit of 150 000 XPF and to request a cheque book in French Pacific Francs. Your first cheque book will be delivered within 10 days.

Using credit cards

Visa, MasterCard and American Express credit cards issued from abroad are widely accepted in New Caledonia:

  • for your expenses made locally and paid with your French card, your bank should apply the fixed currency exchange rate without any additional fees. If you do have a credit card from another country, ask your bank for details.
  • to withdraw cash from ATM machines, you need to inquire your bank about the terms of use in New Caledonia.

In order to obtain an international Visa credit card from your OPT bank, you need to provide a minimum monthly credit on your account.

Transferring money

Money transfers from France to New Caledonia or New Caledonia to France are usually executed within 2 days. Money transfers from France to New Caledonia are usually free of charge while the opposite are subject to additional fees. We advise you to inquire your bank about the detailed terms.

For customers from La Banque Postale

Occasional transfers made via Internet (Videoposte) from a La Banque Postale current account to an OPT account are free of charge and executed within 2 days. You just need to request your Financial Centre in France to add your International OPT Bank Account Number (IBAN) on the Internet e-banking system (